About Me

My name is Dennis and I'm from Germany! I develop games, assets and also do design and music stuff. You can find me online under the name Divivor.

Are you an Unreal Engine Developer? You may be interested in my Unreal Engine Marketplace Assets!
While making Games, I always create something that can be shared with other developers.


Robots, Gravity and an electric Scooter with Weapons!
Battle Scooter: Training Chamber is an experimental Physics Platformer with electric Scooters.

A long Time is a short game about clocks and can be completed in 10 minutes.

This game has been in made within 7 days during the Epic MegaJam 2020 and has won the Tiny Award for being very smol.

UE4 Assets

The Virtual Reality Game Kit (in short: VRGK) is a game-focused Blueprint Pack to get your next VR game projects started quickly. From a fully physics based Player Pawn, to Hand Interactions and Collision Sounds. It also includes a lot of example Content that you can already play around with!

The Simple Light Painter (in short: SLP) is a material based Lighting System for your realtime Unreal Engine Projects and Games. It can light up the backside of your objects for indirect lighting and also offers simple localized Global Illumination with Emissive Material Support.

The Advanced Asteroid System (in short: AAS) is a generation and spawning system for asteroid fields. You can use the AAS for Environments or as an active part of your game. The generation and spawning of Asteroids is highly performant and can be customized. Tested with over 1.000.000 asteroids (low-poly) per system.

The Simple Gravity Fields (in short: SGF) is a toolkit for easy to use Gravitational Areas. It provides you with a basic set of Blueprint Actors and Components to find and create custom Gravity Directions.

The First Person Puzzle Template (in short: FPPT) is a game template which will allow you to use basic puzzle functionality based on logic gates and a power system. This asset was developed completely in blueprints and has all the basic functions included to easily expand the existing modules with your own creations.

Simple Mesh Fractals (in short: SMF) can generate interesting tree structures with your static meshes. Customize how many Children it has, how many Branches it can generate and even randomize the generation.

The Simple Orbit Manager (in short: SOM) generates Orbits for your Actors and Meshes. Create Orbits manually and attach your Planet or Object to it, or let it generate a random amount of orbits for your Actors or Meshes.