Generate interesting fractal trees with your Static Meshes

Simple Mesh Fractals (in short: SMF) can generate interesting tree structures with your static meshes. Customize how many Children it has, how many Branches it can generate and even randomize the generation.

Simple Mesh Fractals

Fast and easy moving objects with orbits. Supports Meshes and Actors.

The Simple Orbit Manager (in short: SOM) generates Orbits for your Actors and Meshes. Create Orbits manually and attach your Planet or Object to it, or let it generate a random amount of orbits for your Actors or Meshes.

Simple Orbit Manager

Advanced asteroid belt generation system. Uses Instanced Meshes and has an Actor Swapping System.

The Advanced Asteroid System (in short: AAS) is a generation and spawning system for asteroid belts, using Static Meshes and Actors. You can use the AAS for Environments, thanks to Instancing, or as an active part of your game through Actor spawning. The AAS can also dynamically swap chunks of Instanced Static Meshes with Actors. The initial generation and spawning of Asteroids is highly performant and can be customized. Tested with over 1.000.000 instanced asteroid meshes (low-poly) per system.

Advanced Asteroid System

Procedural asteroid belt system for 3D and 2D space games. (Actor Spawning System)

The SimpleAsteroidSystem (in short: SAS) gives you the ability to quickly add a procedural asteroid belt to your game level. It uses a radial chunk spawning system, which means, it only spawns objects that are near your player pawn(Follow Actor of the SAS). You can specify the spawn distances, chunk amounts, asteroid density as well as many other options directly in the spawned SAS Blueprint Instance.

Simple Asteroid Manager