A fresh new Start

June 23, 2019

Now I am here.

Time has passed, a lot has happened, new paths have been explored.
Now I’m back and ready to do a lot of things.

Right from the start: Welcome to my new website!
It took a lot of effort to design and develop this site.

I spent a lot of time dealing with the content management system WordPress, which now runs my website. This allows me to communicate and share more content faster and more efficiently. We even have a blog now!
I first have to befriend myself to be an internet blogger now. Since I primarily speak and write German, I’m just so sneaky and use a good translator for longer texts.

Well, whatever.
There is a lot to do in the second half of 2019 besides saving the world thanks to climate change or our oh so great article 13, now known as article 17!

I now set my rest of the year to the motto “Back to the Roots”. What does that mean? To finally finish old, meaningful and simply good game concepts!

You see, this can mean anything now. That’s also the reason why I have to give up making promises that can’t be kept.

The plan will be to upload something every week in the future. Be it just a little idea or a little drawing. From possible future assets to game prototypes. What exactly am I going to stick to? We’ll see that when the time comes.

But let me tell you one thing:

Space is infinite.