This is a list of games that I am working on.


Explorer (Working Title)

My current and main project for the first half of 2019!
This is going to be an mix of creative, interesting, crazy and non-euclidean worlds packed inside an interesting new puzzle game. The whole development will be shared on Twitter!


Pixels of the Universe

Space, pixels and epic battles! We even have physics for you in store!

This is my personal dream project since 2014.
It started as Prototypes every few months, and now I can finally make it real.

Or better said Unreal. I've got a lot of ideas to turn this into an very interesting Unreal Engine 4 Game.

But this one is a big WIP game. To get informed If I have something new to show about it in the future, make sure to follow me on Twitter!


There is a lot more to come!

I have just started out in late 2018, and have atleast plans for the next 3 to 5 years!
This is going to be a lot of fun, and I will let you be part of this journey.

To get the latest updates make sure to follow me on Twitter and my Youtube Channel, where I will be posting videos in the future about development, and other things that have to do with it.